Wednesday, June 29, 2005

What I'm up to and why college took a back burner

Essentially, I've turned into a pretty full-time farmer during the planting season (May-June). Right now, I've got most of this back under control and will be doing full-time artwork (charicatures) at local county fairs during July. August has a few shows - not many - so I'll probably get my "art wagon" built so I can pitch my fine art at these shows next season or during the fall. Otherwise, this wagon will be used to pitch various sales this fall of corn shocks, ornamental corn and pumpkins. October has me working back at the warehouse for their peak season, where I'll be able to cash in on a great deal of overtime and make a third of a year's income in three months - enough hopefully to be able to write and do artwork from Jan to Mar. April is preps for planting, where I hope to get all my farming equipment fixed up, plus get my seeds ordered and delivered.

Got my server up and running, working out where to shift my working files for storage and use. Now I'll also be able to access my various files from any machine on the network, since these will be stored as real reference. Next thing after that will be to set up a local wiki, to make entry and cross-reference possible. In this way, I'll be able to get my writing done as I skip from one point to another in my research. Most of the work in writing is in cross-referencing and cross-comparing data to get at the bottom line point - which for me is examining what system it is based on, if any. My ideal is to be able to take a laptop anywhere on the farm and be able to take advantage of the solitude and beauty of nature while still being able to reflect and inspect all the data I have to hand. As well, this would mean being able to research through the Internet to find data I am missing.

Of course, all this lasts only as long as my battery - so that is a key point of any future buying decision
So I am a man of seasons - one to write and to art, a second to plant and grow, a third to harvest and sell my art and produce, the fourth to buy some time for the first three. Eventually, I'll be able to make enough through the farm, my writing and my sales to give up the warehouse day job.

For college, this will probably be again this summer - after my ecommerce site is up and my available art is up for sale there. Then I'll have some time for my own works again. Noted that my college just refunded my account for not graduating this July. But the other monies for my portfolio credits is still with their accountants. These portfolio (and their truly twisted academic English stylisms) works will be completed hopefully this summer, submitted and then approved, finally graduating in the winter or next spring.

After that, I'll do the Master's thing.

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