Monday, July 04, 2005

College isn't necessary for an income

Came to me that I probably already have all the tools and equipment I need to create the works I'd like to make my living from.

I'd like to make a living doing fine art and writing/illustrating children's books. As well, I have some philosophic books to write as part of recording that system I've been on the trail of these past 30 years.

A brother brought up some old PII's, all of which work - there's my cluster. PVMPOV works to render the 3D images I'd like to, utilizing various graphic interfaces to create the original image. Then I can Photoshop the final scene. As well, I can simply photograph my farm and superimpose my drawn cartoon images on it in order to create the artwork - using an art filter to make the background more impressionist. I can derive my scripts from various stories, particularly old fairy tales, much on the line of the Grimms and others. From the old Warner Bros. cartoons (as well as the current ones) I see that I would make these stories work on both adult and children's levels (indeed, all the plot nuances are present in children's stories just as they are for adult-aged entertainment).

And a Creative Commons license would enable ready access to my materials, while preserving my own income sources from my artwork.

Means I need to get my site(s) rolling for real.

Sales can be Internet-based to start with, but will be based on a steady chunk of prolific work to get their momentum, much like "Peanuts" or "Calvin and Hobbes". Just have to work out my own schedule for this. But being able to get a better income from Internet-released work would help me gain financial independence faster. And as I made time, I could use Blender to make short animations of the most downloaded stories.

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