Sunday, July 03, 2005

MSM - might be hope yet. Diversity strikes again...

If this is true, the newspapers are starting to evolve - which makes sense, as their money ultimately comes from their readers (albeit secondarily through their advertizers).

Poynter Online - The Duh! in Diversity:

"'The message from this study,' the authors at Northwestern University wrote, 'seems to be that in order to appeal to Hispanics and African-Americans, newspapers should show the lives of ordinary people and cover the community events rather than covering them only in the context of crime, disasters and sports.'

And now, the encouraging news:

In that gathering of some 1,400 journalists, educators and business-side leaders at the ethnic media expo were folks from the mainstream, most there to tell stories of how their collaborations with ethnic media had broadened sources and deepened their storytelling."

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