Wednesday, August 31, 2005

USDA and its rediculous watershed program

Our attempt to get in on thie program was denied through bureaucratic nonsense. Seems we weren't doing all the big-farmer stuff just right (rotating our cattle through pastures, following the commodity-farm soil test recommendations, etc.). Bunch of nonsense and wasted time. Only the big farm set-ups would get more payola to keep their debt-ridden carcasses afloat in the governmental pork-wash.

Farmers are better off working smaller and more sustainable. Get off the handouts and start farming for real again. Turns out the better quality of life and improved support to local economies is through the small, labor-intensive farm, not intensely over cultivated, tasteless pap which the big industrial-sized farms create.

"USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service held the first CSP sign-up in 2004. Today's announcement brings the number of watersheds enrolled to 330 across the nation, covering 250 million acres that have been eligible for the program."

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