Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Well, getting back to work

Called by the warehouse - that seasonal thing I've been avoiding. Turns out their internal politics are going to keep me on, but in a lower-paying position - loading trucks. At least I'll get paid to lose weight.

The trick here is that I'm only working some 5 hours a day, four days a week. So I can leave and still get some sleep at night, but work during the least productive time for me - evening. Doing grunt work and paying down bills. Getting in now will possibly enable me to then apply for an equipment operator position with the higher pay.

More, this gives me more impetus to get out of the warehouse jobs by finishing off my BA/BS and Master's. Means I have to make my summer work pay for itself. Gets me more necessity for getting things done.

So afternoons will be all the writing and artwork I can fit in during this winter. Provided I can keep on through May, I'll then cut back to my original schedule of 4 hours daily, with this set-up, I don't actually have to change anything - I can come in earlier and stay later anytime I want, probably, during the height of their season. That makes me some big bucks during their biggest need and the least time required of me on the farm. (I do have corn to get harvested, but this will be less compared to other times of the year.)

First in writing is to get these portfolios done. Then to get my existing books published as PDF's and set for online sale/download. (Might have to get ISDN numbers to sell them on Amazon as CD's. But have to get these up probably for best as free downloads with a donation - cheaper and more honest for a beta book. ) After this, I get into my Economic research and start compiling that book - which could be more of interest to O'Reilly, but will be published via blog regardless. That done, I hope to get back to my research and book on Ability, which would take off from the earlier ideas posted in "Think Yourself:". Lots of research on this when I get the other work done.

Some breakthrough on Nature - the point of Corn having a virtually endless number of variations possible, it being Man's choice to make it into a useful grain (even though hybrids have made it only really suitable for cattle feed). But a universe of choices is a key starting point to explain that tetrad. However, this might be secondary to Religion being written up first, being that there is far more written on man's spirituality than there is on Natural systems, per se. I can actually get a PhD in Religious Studies, from a religious (not academic) college. Still intend to get my work done on all these tetrads, five books at least, to make the subject more useful to humankind.

Then retire to my artwork.

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