Thursday, September 15, 2005

Creating Ability

Ability doesn't come from introspection. It is the mind applied to the environment with the result of improved conditions, both external and internal. Those programs which involve some sort of biofeedback device are introspective and only deal in making one feel better, much like using drugs to bypass the brain's normal functions. Attitudes (feelings) are simply controlled. That is only the first small step to achieving real ability. There is a wide and apparently unlimited amount of personal ability to be achieved. All ability is improved through application of self to the environment. It is perceived within oneself and shows up in action and personal goals completed successfully. Able people are extroverted and active in their lives, as well as influencing those around them.

- - - -

A collection of successful patterns can uncover underlying systems. The human mind is constantly uncovering patterns. Apparently few look for the systems these patterns predict. Finding systems gives the shortcuts to living and is a key to personal ability.

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