Saturday, September 10, 2005

Handouts, anyone?

So this guy thinks the USDA is some sort of banker's deal - handing out ("investing") money to make more jobs and get moremoney back. Like any independent farmer needed or wanted handouts. Getting through the geek speak is that these feds are interested in investing in major corporations to relocate or "franchise" into rural areas to offer low-paying jobs (read: Wal-Mart associates) and turn farmland into more big industrial complexes which make fuel for the metropolitan areas.

No thanks, I'll keep raising food.

"USDA’s rural development programs are investing heavily in programs to aid rural revitalization, Dorr said.

“We are the venture capital bank for rural America. We have a $90 billion portfolio, with $54 billion invested in water, wastewater treatment facilities, electric power systems, telecommunications infrastructure, housing, community facilities, and business development in just the last four years. We’ve created or saved over 1 million jobs in rural America since (the Bush) administration came into office.”"

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