Saturday, September 10, 2005

Gotta love them clueless Dems

What isn't generally noticed by Dems is that they are still stuck in the classic Dem/MSM/Political Hacks conundrum. This situation contends that there are only two forces in the universe, both of which are trying to control the public by capturing the media circus around them. It isn't the Dems vs. Reps. It's actually an isolated, corrupt minority composed of Dems, MSM and a bunch of coat-tail hangers on who think you can get elected and control the people through handouts.

Of course, the bulk of the voting public is tired of this game. And have seen through it. It's not Karl Rove who is "playing some game." Its the Dems and their extreme kook leaders, along with their mentors, the MSM. The MainScreamMedia is losing viewer/readers, while the Dems are losing voters. The "New Media", consisting of Talk Radio, Fox News (modelled after talk radio) and a loose connection through bloggers - each of which is able to replace MSM on its own.

So these Dems have a lot of wising up to do, the least of which is how Rove is constantly seeing through their thin veneer and keeping one step ahead in their own game. That's the real ticket - get a new game on, Dems. One party can't last long without competion. But the reality is that several national parties will arrive to replace the descending one. I've already pointed out the incipient fragmentation which is occurring (for example, the departure of some labor unions), but this is only going to continue. Hillary is too polarizing (according to a NY Dem conclave) and has way too much baggage to convince anyone she is actually centrist. But it's over to the Dems to quit blaming people and get a better game on. It might be a good idea to get a real leader and dump the ineffective, corrupt governors and inane/insane senators that overpopulate their top end.

TPMCafe || Please stop "dissecting Rove's lies": "Take for example Rove's prescription for averting the political disaster after Katrina. It includes, first, that the Bush administration should be tight-lipped about the federal government blunders during the first days of the crisis; defer questions on these subjects for a 'more appropriate time later;' and refrain from replying to Democratic critics. The second component is to redirect blame (along with appropriate amounts of smear) to the Democrats running Lousiana and New Orleans.

The second part of the strategy is the typical Rovian smear job, but by focusing on it (e.g. with 'dissections') we lose sight of the first part of the strategy, which is, at least on the surface, an entirely by-the-book bit of political maneuvering, and a more representative example of Rove's larger game. (I suspect that the strategy will also involve draining New Orleans ASAP, so that TV cameras will be showing an 'unflooded' New Orleans before the investigations get off the ground. It won't matter to the strategy if the city is still months away from being habitable.)"

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