Wednesday, September 07, 2005

MSM revival rumors unsubstantiated

No, the media is being the same blockheads they always are; editorial policy hasn't changed. Those who are involved in critical politicizing are at it once again, those who constantly report only the bad are just as bad as ever, those who seek to be fair and responsible are still trying their best to do just that. The BBC is still pompously trying to say the media is revitalizing itself into that fictitious "Fourth Estate" that they dreamed up originally.

Look, the New Media (talk-radio, blogs, Fox News and a few other stand-outs) aren't buying into the irreconcileable-controversy-as-usual scene. It is still too soon to be pointing fingers.

Some analysis points are coming out:
- Bill O'Reilly tells that the poor don't get any handouts and are going to suffer, but it is their responsibility to move to higher ground and to fend for themselves regardless. Today he said he's buying a gun, since human nature will out in any metropolitan area.
- Limbaugh covered today that the graft and political corruption in N.O. is what mis-spent the funds on the levee, from way back in the '90's.
-Glen Beck pointed out that the same Mayor who didn't evacuate the poor when he had time and buses to do so is now taking vitally-needed first responders and sending them to a gambling/stripper haven.

Meanwhile, the MSM is still bringing up truly stupid questions about whether we have enough troops on the ground (which was answered two or three days ago) and parroting their favorite inane politicians (like Pelosi, Clinton and Reid) who aren't going down to work and solve the problem (like Dr. Frist did), but are instead pointing to other bureaucratic institutions like "studies", "investigations" and "commissions" to "get to the bottom of this."

I'll be catching up on my podcasts over the next week, so will get some better analysis of the scene. RipNRead usually has some great ones, as do some others. (Working at the warehouse day job gives some boring dead time to get this listening done, as does some of the repetitive farm work I'm involved in daily.)

I'll probably have the same conclusion - the usual suspect are rounding up the usual opinions and arguments, twisting the latest facts to agree with their position. Nothing has changed, reallly. Things get better if you work at improving them. A sow's ear cannot be made into a silk purse; the lily is prettier if you don't gild it.

BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Viewpoint: Has Katrina saved US media?: "But unlike Watergate, 'Katrinagate' was public service journalism ruthlessly exposing the truth on a live and continuous basis."

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