Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Too creative for my own good

When one has an "over-active" imagination, this is a wealth of creative, incipient action - and also a possible curse of magnitude. It is too easy to get ideas and then never implement them. The implementation of some of these ideas might take years to achieve and some can be done overnight. The trick is to keep pushing the dream, even though it might radically change - don't give up and don't let little things discourage you. The creative is also the eternal optimist. They consider the bigger dreams and see the final result long before the first steps to achieve them could even be taken.

- - - -

For me, the best job would be as part of a think-tank. Being tied down to academia wouldn't be worth anything. So an independently funded "bright idea" production line would be my best utilization. Get someone to finance them and have access to my ideas, just keeping me in clothes, food and under roof and giving me credit for what I dream up - although they would be free to make any amount of money from the arrangement.

Meanwhile, I must slog along with making enough money to pay for my research and interesting hobbies. At least the Internet is cheap.

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