Sunday, October 02, 2005

Beer Corn - use high starch heirloom corn

As suspected, when you use the higher starch flour corn, you can make more sugar and so more alcohol for beer. Too bad they are making money off this forum...

Dave's Garden Forums: Heirlooms: Beer Corn ?:

"My Uncle Joe was visiting yesterday and we were discussing old varieties of veggies that have dissapeared.

He says that his grandfather, made beer with corn.They called it Corn Beer of course.

He remembers that the kernals were quite large...bigger than the usual size,and he thinks he remembers that they were white.
As this was back in the 40's,the sweet corns that we know today were not around yet,and they used common field corn for most of their purposes. He says that this corn was different...much bigger than what they commonly used."

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