Monday, October 17, 2005

Commonalities in ancient and modern religions

This is a point of study. Many of Jesus' teachings cover some very ancient concepts. The point is separating formal religion from the prophets' teachings. Let each find his own by direct learning and observation.

E-Commerce and Business Web Sites from Maui Web Designs: "Jesus was a lover. He taught love. All the stories they told about Him were about love. He taught the same things we taught our children - don't kick unless you expect to be kicked back. Don't say mean things, for words hurt worse than stones. Love the old ones, love your parents, love your sisters and brothers. Love the babies. The more love you give, the more you will receive back into your life.

The missionaries didn't always listen to the things Jesus said. The rules they made and lived by did not come from Jesus. They did not come from the Bible. The rules came from their own minds and hearts. They worked very hard at being Christians. It was a religion of laws and rules more strict than our own kanawai (laws) had been. I am sure their God loved them for all the misery they endured."

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