Monday, October 17, 2005

The old days in Hawaii

Some evidence that we are here to learn, that the human experiment is one of collecting knowledge and helping others attain their education.

E-Commerce and Business Web Sites from Maui Web Designs:

"Our time was not of a clock. It was of the day, and of the night, cycles of the moon and the time of certain stars in the morning or evening. We had divisions of time, but nothing as rigid as a clock. Yesterday, today and tomorrow were one. We had been here before, we would be here again. We were here for a reason - to learn. Sometimes we had to come back many times to learn the lessons being taught. Sometimes we learned fast and could continue our journey on the other side, and guard and watch over the family in body.

There were many lessons to learn. One that seemed hardest for all to learn was that force of mind and force of the fist are never in the same body. The energy will go to only one."

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