Monday, October 10, 2005

Shepard Smith to star in new movie about New Orleans disaster

"NOPD investigation of Cadillac cops may involve brass": "You know, I don’t think a Hollywood script writer could have come up with something like the LA/NO Debacle. It just keeps getting better and better. If this were a movie script, it would have to win an Oscar. Best Comedy for sure.

It’s too bad that so many people will never get to see this show because the MSM, being an integral part of the plot, is going to bury all this good shit in the last paragraph of page B-18. Well, at least we’ll know that, not only did Bush personally suck out all the money from the pockets of the poor of NO in the last five years, but he also apparently was at the Cadillac dealership smiling and handing out keys to those with NOPD credentials. Something about the New Orleans/Cadillac Open, and all cops get free loaners for the week…"

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