Sunday, November 20, 2005

Some basics

Been busy lately, sorry for not writing.

Most of my research has centered itself on self-help works from various authors, seeking commonalities. And I've found quite a few.

These commonalities themselves have a few underlying basics:

1. Thought creates.
2. Universe follows Thought.
3. Thought is plural in source.

These are seemingly all the basics there are to why things work and how to make things work. These are axiomatic, in that the more one works within these basics, the more things improve (according to your ideas of what improvement is). The various Laws found in Religions and Self-Help books are themselves created by thought and held in place by agreed-upon thought.

The only limits to thought are found in thought, either yours or someone else's. You can only be limited through someone else's thoughts to the exact degree you accept and co-create someone else's thoughts. If some thought is "working against you", then simply quit creating it for yourself. People take advice all the time, which is simply creating someone else's thoughts.

Habits are simply beliefs (self-fulfilling prophecies) which have been put on automatic. Any habit can be changed by practicing a new pattern consistently over three to four weeks (more or less). The physical universe around us is apparently built only from habitual thought-patterns.

God (at this current level of understanding) is a great commonality of thought, which has an apparent life-source of His/Hers/Its own. Another word for God is Universe. Denying God's existence is denying earlier/co-creating thought. Was there one source for all this? Probably, according to all records. But again, it's beyond this level of understanding at this point in time.

We may or may not have been created equal/equally, but our current condition is only our own responsiblity - no one can make you better or worse without your co-motion/co-creation. One co-exists with others. The quality of that coexistence is dependent on one's own thoughts and responsibility for them. (One law which governs this is the Golden Rule, in its various permutations.)

Thought creates Time and exists outside of time (and matter and energy and space - each of which are created by thought). One only has to strip away arbitrary (unworkable) thought patterns to create a better life. As thought has been built on others' thought/previous thought, some apparent work/disciplined action has to be directed at cleaning up earlier thought-patterns. But this gets easier as you go, since you are constantly working on solving more powerful thought patterns as you get more basic. (Personal ability depends on how basic you operate at - stripping away arbitrary thought-pattern layers brings forth more ability to percieve and act.)

Those are apparently all the basic laws and corollaries to self help or personal improvement there are.

Luck and Good Hunting to us all.

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