Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A first go at autoresponder - even thought its Windoze

Until I can get my web server or my office server (both Linux) to run a mailing list program, I'm trying this one out. It is set up to run on a single home computer as easily as an office LAN - so I should be up shortly. Then I'll have to set up some mailto: scripts on my website so people can subscribe (hey, I could put that link in my resource box on the articles...).

It's got some scheduling options, I've seen in the set-up (still incomplete as I break to RTFM), so I'll be able to schedule my free course(s) via opt-in email.

Just took me a few hours figuring out what the keywords are to find this thing - and setting up Download.com in my Firefox built-in search box. Nice stuff, this Internet.

Gate Comm Software - Free Software Downloads and Software Reviews - Download.com: "PostCast Server Free Edition 2.6"
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