Monday, May 28, 2007

All search engines filter - surprised?

Google's Not So Top Terms & Top US Gainers For 2006

This is another key example of what to look for in finding your key words and terms to use.

Unless you're in the porn industry, you are already filtering your own results on Google Trends.

One interesting application I've stumbled on is to find top-ranking terms in Google Trends and then plug them into Google Adwords/Keyword tool to find their own related synonyms and rank them accordingly. Vice-versa, you can see if a keyword/adword has long-term viability.

"Law of Attraction", for instance, only takes off within the last year (although it hasn't peaked yet).

In testing my own site (, I found that because I had republished Napoleon Hill, I was associated with Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Robert Kiyosaki. But that is because someone is paying a great deal of money to hype those terms. So, caveat emptor.

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