Monday, June 25, 2007

And so the search for financial independence continues

Haven't written an overview in awhile (or hardly anything philosophical, for that matter) because first, I've had some very full days on the farm with making hay (while the sun shines...) and second because I've been working to nail down how to market my books.

Now that isn't the sexiest thing I can think of doing with my time. But it is something that I have to do in order to get rid of that day job. And it is an interesting detective job in it's own right.

What I've been doing is chasing down a guy named Sean Mize, who has successfully made the jump from part-time work to full-time fortune. And he makes no bones about it - he says to be prepared to spend 50-60 hours a week at this or more. With over 1500 articles on alone, he's averaged 25 articles per week to make his income which he moved from $250 a month to over $1000 a week in just four months.

Why I'm chasing this guy down is that he's tried all these PPC and ezine advertising and all sorts of things - and just simply came back to writing articles and taking care of the lists he's built (plus dong some high-end personal coaching).

How I'm doing this chasing is to study his articles chronologically through

Fascinating stuff. Because I was following his work from months ago and then scraped his list of articles only to find that he had streamlined his article production and what he actually now told people what to do. He simply says to article market - period.

Now, this looks to make you a tidy income, but Robert G. Allen will tell you how to get your income from several sources.

The trick, in my opinion, is to set these income sources up so that you don't have to really work at keeping these coming in.

Book writing is one of these - theoretically. First you have to make it a bestseller and then extend that curve, either by brand-extension (through follow-up books) or seminars, speeches, etc.

With Allen's work in tow, I then compare this to Mize to see how these compare (as well as Corey Rudl's text).

All this very left-brain, which isn't my usual bent.

In the background, I'm writing a book, which I'll blog at the same time (as featured in the title link).

What also fuels this work is the intense pile of books I've published on Lulu - all of which need marketing. And at my day job, I frustrate myself by using all my extra time working out ideas on how to market. Frustrating because farming tends to take a great deal of steam out of my sails in the summer. (Long days and hot weather.)

Right now, I'm checking my email on another screen to see what's up - and this has led me to yet another piece of data - so the research continues.

Now, there is a great deal of work to do - and lots of interesting data to bring to you.

You see, I disagree with some of what I've studied, and agree with most of it. But there are other ways to do things. The summary comparison between these three marketing geniuses is a bit surprising - but you'll have to stay tuned to my new blog to find out...

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