Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The job I'd really like...

The reason I work hard at this research is because I like doing it.

But what I don't like (at least anywhere near as much) is my day job.

So I've had to research marketing to find out how to make online books sell - so I can write/edit books and get them selling and bringing in income in order to quit my day job permanently.

What I'd like to do with my weekends is to draw peoples' caricatures and attend auctions. But I spend my weekends working so I don't have to work during the week.

Imagine if you could work at what you love to do and would get paid for it...

That's the ideal I'm pushing toward. So I'm figuring out how to set things up so that I "work" the same or less hours than I am now - the rest of that time is in doing what I love: researching and finding new solutions to old problems. (And when I find some book that tells how to do it - long out of print and copyright - I publish this to the world to make it available.)

Yes, it's not the philosophical nirvana I'd love to exist in, but at least it's sensible in what we have to do to survive on this planet.

Right now, I have three jobs - day job, farming, and internet business(es). Farming is a daily activity which earns me room and board - but can be made more efficient to take less time and bring more income. Day job is a temporary necessary evil. As I get my Internet business(es) rolling in enough money, this will go bye-bye.

But these three jobs keep me very busy and very hard at work being efficient with my time.

I'm even working at making these blogs make me money - which is a fairly uneven proposition, since I blog about rarified niches (philosophy, farming, ...) But it could be done.

But the job I'd really like is the one I've been forced to create for myself. And all my studies have been down this line - born from the necessity of an over-creative imagination which is quickly bored with the mundane.

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