Sunday, July 15, 2007

Making money with Squidoo - revisited

Secret to making money from Squidoo lenses - make lots of them, replete with keywords. This will drive traffic to your other sites - as well as giving you a greater slice of the Adsense pie shared by all.

Squidoo : Just the FAQ: "Some lensmasters are in it for the content and not the money. Maybe they earning $0.50 a month. More often than not, they select one of our 80+ nonprofit partners to donate these royalties to. Other lensmasters make lots of lenses, work hard, and earn thousands of dollars a year. Still other lensmasters are here to fundraise for charity, and group up to send thousands of dollars to their favorite organizations each month. What would you do with your royalties?"

The only other lens I've found which makes money via Squidoo is mostly a squeeze page for someone's list (Squidoo Queen). However, the quality of the emails is the only thing which retains such subscribers.

But the idea of using squidoo to give you more pages to link your salespages, squeeze pages, blogs and other sites - makes sense if you can have the time to build them.

That's the key. Time management. If you are building a list, then spend time on your articles once you have your autoresponder email series all set up. Build the squidoo lenses later in the week, once your quota of articles are written and posted.

Don't distract yourself with squidoo pages that are able to link nowhere - and then you have to go back just to edit the links pages in.

Build your key points first, get your list running and articles linking to your squeeze page. Get your blog(s) up and running (one per subject). THEN build your squidoo lenses and link all the above.

Logical sequences rule.

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EelKat said...

Squidoo is wonderful! You'll love it, and you'll be so glad you joined.

I just got my first payday:$10.28. In April I made 13 lenses, and than didn't build any more until August, when I added 62 more (about half are still draft/WinP, I'm not finished writing the content for all of them yet). Squidu forum says that the pay-outs are for two-months past, so the one I just got now was for July, not August. So I guess after reading the Squidu forum, it means that the $10.28 was for the 13 lenses I made in April only? Cause all of my other lenses were started after August 10th. If I'm reading their comments right that means my October payday should be about $70+-, right? Cool.

Well, if my unfinished lenses are already bringing in money, than they well do better once they are finished. I hope I have them all completed soon. Once they are finished they should actually start making more money right? (I hope).

I'm hopeing that in the long run I'll be making over $100 per month; I've heard that several people are doing that already. Are any of you guys reading this also on Squidoo? I've also heard that the Google slap will be affecting the high-payout folks this month. Did it? Did anyone make over $100 this month?

Well, here's the link to my Squidoo Profile, if any of you haven't checked it out yet, feel free to do so:

You don't get paid immediatly, but once you start geting money, you get paid every month. Squidoo's Payout levels change every month, for the month of July the payout per lens was:

$4.12 (top 100 lenses)

$0.73 (top 1000 lenses)

$0.04 (top 10,000 lenses)

and if your lens isn't in the top 10,000 than you don't get anything for it that month at all!

However those figures do not include affiliate commisions. If you add MoneyMaker modules you make more money, providing that people buy the items you recomend.

I use eBay, Amazon, and CafePress on all of my lenses.

The payout for those is:

eBay 50% of what the seller earned.

Amazon 4% - 7% of the sale price.

CafePress for some reason isn't listed yet?

You also get $5 when you recommend others, after they join and after they earn thier first $15.

Squidoo says that the average payout for their lensebuilders is $35 per month. Most stay around the $10 range while a few hit $150 per month... and a handful are now making $400 - $500 per month.

As Squidoo gains more popularity these figures are expected to rise.

Well, there you have it.... how I make money on Squidoo. So, while my $10.28 is starting out small, it is something, and if all goes well, it'll soon be in the triple digits.

Good luck to you with your Squidooing! And don't forget to post links to your lenses on your blog so we can check them out! I love searching for new lenses to read.

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