Friday, July 13, 2007

Screwed up with my Article Submitter

Below is the program I've been using - the 1.7 version. It submits to Article Dashboard sites - and is nice because it updates itself. And this is the demo version.

The screw up I did was to delay on answering the emails (300+) and so some 80-90 percent were now expired under that email address. They have about a 3-day delay by default. So now I have to do this again with another email address. Some don't like Yahoo or other free addresses, so I'll try one I use at one of my domains - or make one just for this.

It took several hours over several days to do get through the initial list - so I'm off to do this again (as I simply deleted all the emails I had gotten already).

Now note: the best article directories aren't Article Dashboard sites or are radically modified. These won't be included (weren't in my case) in the hundreds of sites included with the program I downloaded.

Oops - after a couple of weeks, the trial version expired - so now I would have to cough up $47 to continue my experiment... I'll check around for another freebie and let you know. Otherwise, it looks to be a good product.

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Article Submitter - The easiest web semi-automated article submitter tool. Fast article exposure
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