Friday, July 13, 2007

Secrets to Squidoo profits

SquidU : Profiles:

"Casey from Coach Handbag says:

Keyword research. You have to know what words people are using to find your product or information. If you not using the same words people use to search for your product or information, then it's like not speaking the same language and you won't be found. Search engines seem to love Squidoo as much as I do, so once you start speaking the same language as those looking for what you have to offer, you'll start getting traffic to your lens.

Shar from Antique French Glass says:
If an Internet visitor finds one of my lens on a search engine, and decided to visit? I want them to be please, and hopefully find just what they were looking for. If my content is relevant the visitor may take time to browse, and enjoy the lens, and all the information I have provided on their subject of interest. With luck, they will be pleased with the lens, and have a look at what's listed for sale. Ultimately being comfortable enough to make a purchase from one of my Squidoo affiliates.

Darnell from Fitness Weight Loss Program says:
I give them some information that they do not know that's related to my expertise in fitness. This can help create the WOW factor. Make sure you do your research, that it is truthful, and useful to what the public or followers want to know."


1) Use and research keywords the search engines use. This drives traffic to your Lens.
2) Give good and useful data with links so that viewers convert to buyers.

That is one product of Squidoo, afterall - getting paid for your efforts. Search engines love Squidoo as it emulates them. They form different parts of the same food chain.

And you don't want your articles and Lenses to be the bottom feeders. But at the same time, there are very few sharks and even fewer whales. Not much room at the top. So the middle tier is the place to be - right their in the various niche swarms.

Then you work on being part of several swarms at the same time - multiple streams of income.

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