Friday, August 03, 2007

Another strategy for article submitter programs

Bandwidth problems force new solutions.

Current (star) article submitter problem isn't playing nice with my satellite broadband - or vice versa. Takes two days to get through 250 sites.

I need to hit the top 25 article directories right off and then spend the rest of the week filling in. That would get my targetted 5-15 articles out each week, then use the rest of the time letting the program fill in those which were missed (it has an amazing record of what to submit to, based on it's recollection of sites submitted to.

I was going to use two submitter programs, one without such recollection database. However, bandwidth sharing would be the same.

Key point then is to get these articles out to get that 50% coverage of readers, then fill in the remainder.

Another option is to use that secondary submitter program to get these out and just single-task on this to get these all out.

Sequence would be to simply blog or select these articles out of previous blog entries - until I run out of blog entries which are useful (but I've got nearly 500 posts total over the last several years). Then take those articles and get them out to those 25 sites. Follow these up by using the other program and then unselect those particular site in it's data base.

Then I can spend the rest of the time working up additional products for the funnel(s), fine-tuning A/R series, creating new A/R series, tweaking existing pages, launching new product lines, etc.

- - - -

Okay, I'd put it off too long - just launched Online Millionaire Plan with that last post. We'll keep A Midwest Journal to be a working site - where I can let my hair down (what still remains) and let you see the underlying girders, beams, rivets, splinters, and so on.

Then we'll leave the polished stuff over at OMP. That way we can build a blook, one chapter/section/post at a time.

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