Thursday, August 16, 2007

Lots of work to do now that I'm educated.

Got through David Vallieries' course.

This confirmed some things and gave me other data. I can see that while I need to get to work with my sales funnel and autoresponder.

Article Marketer continues to send me new articles and authors. Up to 664 now (and four today, three yesterday, 6 the day before - it's a continuing process). Haven't emailed them yet. But this is on the list.

Vallieres had interesting data as to why people buy and what they are looking for. My background in self-help actually tells more about what he was saying with that course. I can understand the motivation of the seller - he gives more data as to why our instant gratification urge is satisfied on the Internet.

He also has some interesting ways to get more people - which is to spend time participating in discussions. You leave your link and collect their email addresses - they are pre-qualified as you are giving real, valuable data in your posts. Another guy I studied did this also. I considered this to be a bit off the path, so ignored it.

However, for people who don't/can't/won't article market, it seems a real point.

Vallieres says to budget you time to one or two hours per day on this activity. Seems to make sense - from various community viewpoints, as well as the Cluetrain Manifesto.

Restoring trust in commerce - relationship marketing.

Don't know how this works into the schedule, but it goes along the quality line.

And I don't know if you can keep it up. Certainly you can't do this for every niche you enter. As a fast way to get a list, it does make sense. Especially a quality list, already presold.

I'll give it all a few days to sort out.

- - - -

Articles are doing better by submitting to only PR4 and above. Three different sites gave me "expert author" status just on the basis of getting 10 articles approved with them. Means these three sites are auto-submitting my work. Means they are the ones which are getting my articles out on the web. I only put up about 40-45 submissions per article, but this allows me to get several submitted per day.

Next thing is to set up a sub-domain with the lawofattractionecourse or lawofattraction keyword - or secretlawofattraction. Probably the first, since that is what I'm telling people they will get.

- - - -

I do know this - I need to get to work.

Two strategies, I'll contact all my authors for the Online Millionaire Plan newsletter - and continue to send out articles to get people to either my books or my LOA ecourse. Meanwhile, I'll also investigate these self-help discussion boards in order to build up that latter. I've got four people on that list currently.

Just notes. More tomorrow.

Next point - checking into my millionaire data - see if it matches up with all the rest of this.

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