Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Organic SEO - News - 2007 Predictions for Online Marketing

When you compare the below to the Cluetrain Manifesto, you can still see how that early writing by marketing professionals holds considerable water.

People won't ever "pay" for ads unless it gets them something else they want. Like "you can pay more to have less ads, or ads you might be interested in by your recent search patterns, or you can pay less and have fewer ads in general, or pay nothing and we will flood you with whoever pays the most."

That latter is called Idiot Advertising. And is killing off TV - which is a good thing. Newspapers and News cable are dying for lack of accuracy and impartiality - plus their proclivity to only deliver "bad" news. People will eventually get tired of this as they want something positive to fill the gaps in their personal lives. (Which explains why so many people will drive miles and hours to be in/with Nature on their days off.)

More to this later - I just found a guy named David Vallieres who is using the same model I build the Online Millionaire Plan on. He's got a great deal of stuff which is really interesting. Uses a slightly different approach, but offers courses which are just jam-packed full of data.

The Organic SEO - News - 2007 Predictions for Online Marketing:

"When it comes to the allocation of advertising dollars, Google fundamentally altered the rules of the game. In the past, mass market advertisers would gamble on a shotgun approach to ad-spending. The options consisted of newspaper, magazine, telephone directory, radio or television. While each medium could provide statistics showing their print-run and audience, tracking the success or failure of these types of advertising has always posed a problem for manufacturers and retailers.

"When Google popularized the pay-per-click model in which advertisers only pay when a person actually views the ad, a new model was born. Google’s billing model will have to alter slightly to meet the radio and video formats however, as digital radio and television becomes the norm, tracking will become far easier. Google will be able to charge by the listener or viewer though it remains to be seen if listeners or viewers will actually listen to or view advertisements on digital radio or television."

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