Thursday, September 06, 2007

Article Directories Hacked - the Post-Mortem

Here's the link telling how all these Article Dashboard sites got hacked. Looked like they literally left themselves wide open for someone to waltz in and change their templates.

Oops. Quality counts.

Article Dashboard Forum / Article Dashboard Sitea Redirecting To Geocities

- - - -

Looks like the solution is to minimalize the approach - stick to PR 3 and above, taking out the few sites which are insecure enough to get hacked. Also, check the Alexa rank, but my current program doesn't take this into account.

Or just knock off the insecure sites - as too unprofessional to secure their stuff. None of these sites seem to be anything major. Just keep a pad to hand, just as before, noting down all the sites which were hacked. Survival of the fittest...

Solution looks to be putting up with it for about 48 hours. Any site which doesn't have this problem repaired by Sunday eve will need to be taken off my submission list - as they simply don't care enough to monitor their site. Surely they will get feedback on this. If not, they simply get dumped - much like those with the login script problems. Might have been nice sites, but if I can't submit, I'm not going to keep trying.

Unfortunately, giving them a grace period cuts across my article delivery. Because I noticed that there were some PR4 sites in that list. At least I now know it isn't my article submitter or some virus on my system...

- - - -

Update: 070909
While I wasn't too clear in my rant above - yes, there were some highly ranked (by Google) sites hacked, the solution was to let these sites sort themselves out. I see that someone has gotten that geocities page running again - which no longer cuts across article submission, but still leaves these article directories pretty ugly compared to their former state.

Patience, and a good dose of spyware-removal programs was and is my stance on this. I was just pretty annoyed at having to constantly be blocked in posting my articles...

Now, the Geocities Marino Corbie site ( which was hacked into an iframe on those directories itself has an iframe:

src="" width=0 height=0 style="display:none

That address gives a 404 error. And going up to the root, only shows "var html" as any code on a web browser. I'm not up on tracing down whois and all that much - but it would be an interesting trail to trace - finding the person(s) who are this destructive.

Meanwhile, these admins simply have to restore their templates and secure their systems - unfortunately.

- - - -

Update: Feb 17, 2014

Ah, what time does to Internet Marketing sites may not be pleasant.

Just visiting here to leave another blog post - and found this to be one of the most popular posts. (Sigh.)

Of course, GeoCities no longer exists.

Article directories have been replaced by Doc-Sharing sites (recipe: leave link-embedded PDF's) and video sites (just leave a lengthy description [with links] along with the video. ) Even the great seldom appears on any page 1 search these days... Post "Penguin" survivor that it is.

Always - it's valuable content (which improves people's lives) which gets the search engine love...

Could still be done with articles, but you'll get more site traffic with videos and shared docs now.

- - - -

Additionally, some have found that they can take more control over their own income by writing e-books and publishing to Amazon...
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Anonymous said...

Please be advised that many of those AD sites that got hit were PR3, PR4 and PR5! The failure was not the webmaster's fault directly. The failure was in the AD software design.

If gets hacked, should we not trust your site either? You get my point, I hope.

robertworstell said...

Appreciate your view on this - and I've updated my rant in light of it.


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