Friday, September 07, 2007

Flog your Lulu with Squidoo - how's that for geekspeak?

Struck me again, like a wet fish across the face, that I need to review all my books that I publish on - each to their own Squidoo lens.

This is why:

1) Promotion - lots of it.
2) It's simple to do.
3) I learn more about each book as I do a review of it.
4) Each lens links to the book on Lulu and to the other lenses on Squidoo - which helps each book page on Lulu and also each Squidoo lens.

Now, I'd do the heavy lifting on my Law of Attraction blog first, and then copy/paste the text over to it's own lens. Once I had that review done, it would also go out as an article - or several.

And of course, then create/update a media page for this book - linking that media page to its Lulu page and through Go Thunk Yourself site (not just the index page, which is a redirect to Lulu).

There's a recipe for success: lots of effective promotion while you write once and publish many times - even in your own PR...

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