Thursday, September 06, 2007

Make Money Online - Forums for List Building and good info sent me the below in one of their emails (as I submit articles there). I've visited these forums befor (not the blog, which looks pretty good on an initial glance) and they are pretty good - particularly WarriorForum.

Thought I'd pass the data along. Forums are also a way to build your list as well as getting great data. Might start haunting these to get help on the Online Millionaire Plan.

Free Resources For Online Business: "1. 101 Best Forums For People Looking to Make Money Online The original list is at . However, keep in your mind, the list is NOT ordered by the useful of the actual forum. Among all these forums, you definitely need check out: a) , to me, it is the best 'make money' forum. Or, maybe I should say, 'build business' forum. It is NOT for you to make 'quick' money, it is for you to build the business. Take your time and learn from others, you will regret that you didn't find this forum earlier.

b) . Maybe it is the biggest 'make money' forum. Lots of members are from Indian or other un-developed countries where the salary level is low. That's why you can find some good service with very low price. But since so many members in this forum, you may have to take your time to figure who can offer the real good service. Don't just use the cheapest services. Many frauds too. There are some other great forums, but most of time, it will be enough to check out these 2 forums. Otherwise, too much information, you won't have to time to do other things. Remember, no matter how much information you have or learn, the most important thing is ACTION."

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