Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Latent Semantic Indexing - How Machines Figure out Meaning By Context

And you thought these machines were invading your privacy? Figure they are trying to sort out why people think the way they do - not what they are saying, but how what they say predicts what they will do...

Remember in school where the teacher told you how to figure out what words "meant" by figuring out their context? Meaning, in one definition, is what these words tell us what we can do - what action to take. And that can be derived by how they are used.

There's more to come on LSI, but as below, it really depends on your knowing what synonyms search engines associate with words - and that is simply typing a "~" (tilde) before the base keyword you are using.

Homework, homework - does it ever quit??

Internet Marketing Secrets Blog | Tips | Ideas | Strategies: "Once that is done, I go to Optiranker to find additional keywords (through topic sensitive LSI) to find words that naturally appear on pages, along with my primary words. In other words, I theme up my page, so there's no doubt to the search engine what it's about. I don't focus so much on keyword density as I do, ancillary keywords and the proximity of the keywords to each other. Dr. Andy's software makes you think and write in a manner that's similar to my own thought processes."

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