Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Basics of Internet Marketing and SEO - what we are doing with keywords, why, and how

Providing great service and making money at it. That's the bottom line.

This is done by finding where there is great demand and little supply. So we are looking for regular searches in an area and few pages coming up - as well, these pages aren't all that optimized and so you can create a better page and move up above the current rankings. You move up these standings by providing better service and higher-quality information.

An important thing to note is that you are working to get a page up in the standings, not particularly a site. Both sites and pages have pagerank, and these are not the same. You want your mini-web to push a single page up in ranking, so that it shows up higher in the general standings for that niche search term.

The next point, which is the whole reasoning behind an Online Millionaire Plan, is to do this with a small budget and only an Internet connection to start with. So when people are telling you to subscribe to article services, keyword finding services, niche finding services - tell them to go jump in the lake (at least to start off with). I'm sure these services they recommend are more than just affilate sales for them - they have to work or they wouldn't stay in business. But the point is to work from what you can afford to invest in the business and run it as a business.

For instance, if you get the Massive Keyword List Builder from iBiz.com, you have all the tools in one package to get started. If you then go to checkrankings.com, you can then query overture and their database for the top 100 variations on your keyword theme. Cross-check those out in either MKLB or Adwords Traffic Estimator, and you'll see if you have a hot niche or not.

Working back from your product is probably best done by posting your work to a standalone web page, with no or few links - it can be as long as the whole chapter or whole text if you want. Then use one of the many, many "keyword optimization" tools that exist (all these really do for the most part is to count how many times different words and word combinations show up) to get your keywords. Save these to a file and then check these in MKLB or Adwords Traffic Estimator to find out what you're using for keywords and which of these are popular. Look for single words at this point, as you want a few base keywords you can use to help people find your article and find use for your article.

You'll then find niches which will work for your mini-web, so that you can rank high in these smaller areas - using variations all based on the same niche keyword phrase. That's where checkrankings.com comes in.

Build your mini-web according to what Michael Campbell has laid out.

Then you article, comment, Squidoo market it to get inbound links - and don't forget to social bookmark everything as you do it.

Then find another section of that same work, or another work, and create another mini-web to link together with the other mini-web to form a mini-net. If you plan out this mini-net properly it will give you a nice pagerank and a great service to the viewers that find you. And that will keep you high in the rankings as you keep adding pages every day and week - all filled with great user-friendly service.

The rest of your week is really just sending out a broadcast to your list(s) of another useful piece of data and a useful product you've found for them. Plus finding or building new products for your loyal subscribers.

- - - -

Some strategies:

You want a single link which you can push in all your articles, comments, and incoming links you create. There can and should be more than one, but this one page is where you get the bulk of your traffic - it should get people to subscribe to your list first and foremost.

It will also have a link to your site directory - where all of your page rank is collected and distributed for your mini-net.

Your mini-net pages are themselves all set-up to collect page rank and redistribute it just the way you want it. They each have articles related to the product sales page they link to (yours or an affiliates). But they really are frugal with outgoing links. So whatever page rank they get is properly and exactly passed on.

By collecting and allocating your page rank, you can have particular pages rise high in the standings and so get traffic from search engines.

Meanwhile, you are collecting email addresses so you can then ply them with useful data and offers.

Note I don't mention paid advertising anywhere in the above. Keep your expenses down and automate everything you can, saving your time for creative work. And your creative work then really seeks to help people find more harmony, more success in their own lives.

As you social bookmark, use offline marketing, and build your list - you'll then start getting traffic beyond search engine traffic.

And that is the point - because you don't want to depend on search engines, just use them to start the party rolling...

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