Friday, November 02, 2007

Creating Long-Tail Niche Traffic for yourself and your blog

Below may be useful for a long-tail niche blog, but not a web page.

Better might be to comment on others blogs or forums with such long-tail terms (in addition to your blog posts, to drive traffic to your blog. You'd get more incoming links and so get higher in the SERPs. Another option would be to make Squidoo lenses from you blog posts - particularly where you use a long tail keyword in a text link and then link to that specific blog permalink which has that same longtail keyword in the header, sub-head, bolded, etc.

Makes building your blog in-links far more interesting...

How to Find and Target Long Tail Keywords for More Search Engine Traffic:
"Dosh Dosh’s Long Tail Keyword Development Strategy
"To make things easier for you, I’ve broken down the procedure of finding and developing your long tail keywords into a simple five step process. By following this strategy, you should be able to effectively grow the amount of search traffic you receive daily.
"1. Enter your core keywords in the Adwords Keyword Suggestion tool. Download the entire list in a text or excel format.
"2. Perform competitor analysis manually or through SEO Digger.
"3. Compile in one list, all the longtail keywords from both of the above steps.
"4. Start to create webpages or blog posts and include at least one keyword + a phrase in the title. For Wordpress users, install and use the SEO Title Tag plugin.
"5. Optional: Set up an keyword analytics package to receive keyword suggestions and track existing keyword performance"

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