Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fascinating what goes for a product these days...

Been going through all these PLR ebooks and stuff I've accumulated.

I'd estimate on the outset, that there's an average of about 15-17 pages per "book".

I can type that much in probably 30 minutes. So I don't know what all these guys did with their time, except to add a fancy set of graphics and a copy/paste license.

When I've blood-sweat-tear-ed a 800-page book (with a lot on the cutting-room floor) with over a year of research - and then find this stuff being pawned off as a high-quality product. Jeez.

My first book was the result of 6 years of research, so at least I'm getting faster in that department. And a lot of the books I've published are from the public domain - where they deserve a chance back in the limelight - and where the author spent his own years in research and writing. So I've got quite some background in what makes a good book and one hardly worth the electrons it was printed on.

But this is also a rant which was covered in my Online Millionaire Plan book/blook itself. That's why I wrote that book - to distill what all these half-book writers had tried to put across. Ideas here and there all compiled into something that made sense.

Now, you'll also see in that huge volume (and all the smaller sections) that I've used some decent PLR books in this as well, where the original (ghost) author had really worked up a decent outline and fleshed it properly. Of course, only where I'd researched out that same subject to verify that at least several authors were saying the same thing - so there was some continuing thought that this was the way to do things.

And the testing still continues on all that I've written.

My biggest problem is working to get everything that I had published out and in use in marketing this book itself.

Right after I rushed it into print, I then started getting the postgraduate work done, getting a recommended mini-web creation product and wrapping my head around how it was set up and how to get a nice product out of it. (It's missing a good CSS editor.)

My article submitter program went through an upgrade, so this took most of last week. However, I'm still violating my own advice and so proving that lack of results comes from not sticking to proven paths - and that includes what other people have come up with.

The trick with this book and all that it represents, is that I've worked to find out the well-trod paths which always create income where you follow them.

And that includes the self-help/personal development work I'd done earlier. You can't imagine (or perhaps you can) exactly how much your own attitude (plus-minus) affects your results.

It's not just stick-to-it-iveness, or raw courage. You're not just confronting jumping off into that crevasse with nothing but a bungee cord.

It's doing it time and time and time again. Getting up every morning or afternoon or evening and seeing that you now have to start up all over again now that your day job is done for the day - or week. You have to pace yourself and that pace is a long one. You don't regret the extra sleep when you need it, or the blog post to vent when you have to - even though these take hours out of your moonlight business and not your day job.

The alternative is longer hours at work, or a second job. And these eat your soul, like the vulture on Prometheus.

So that is the lump of coal you have in your stocking for Christmas.

But you know - given enough pressure - coal turns to diamond.

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