Monday, December 10, 2007

Extracting the most use out of your work - multi-tasking, multi-published, multi-producted

It came to me that working up packages would be the best way to present things.

But then, I've had some time to think - I've been stuck here in the middle of a continuing ice storm and able to mess around with all sorts of things - but not until today able to get out or in on the Internet (except through dial-up).

Compiled and edited another book - Mystic Marketing Guide. And also then tried out a new Plantronics USB headset with that free download, Audacity. Worked pretty good (other than my being over-verbose).

And such "Web 2.0" recordings would go nicely on my Lulu book page, since they could have a review by the author about that book - or at least an introduction. Of course, this then lead to even more interesting options. You see, I was already going to proof the work and then send it to Amazon. Now this would be even better if I could link to an opt-in list page. And if I did a commentary on each chapter, then that would be a nice full course.

All of these would be possible to have ready by the time my Lulu book actually made it to Amazon. So potential customers could:
  1. Have my MP3 introduction to listen to.
  2. Have the usual full preview of the book online.
  3. Opt-in to a mini-course based on the first half of that book.
  4. Buy the full course based on the book, with audio commentary by the author.
Now the next thing is to set up Camtasia video's (Powerpoint presentations with audio, actually) so that people could get a taste of the book, like the introduction and first lesson of the course, via YouTube and similar.

But, with this video online, I could then embed it into the Lulu page - so we have an improved way to sell my books.

All of this isn't easy work. A labour of love, however, is just that - so it isn't work, it's fun.

This sequence of product sales would then be:
  1. Compile, edit, and post the book on Lulu.
  2. Do an intro MP3, upload this, and link on the sales page.
  3. Proofread each chapter.
  4. Create an MP3 commentary that goes along with each chapter.
  5. Take the first six, cut the MP3's in half for these and include links to these, along with the chapters - including lesson PDF's (with ads) and put them all in your autoresponder. This is the mini-course. Make an opt-in page for this.
  6. Change your book sales page on Lulu with the link to your mini-course.
  7. Get the rest of the book proofread and do your running commentary as MP3 for each.
  8. Update the book on Lulu with your improved PDF.
  9. Go ahead and buy the ISBN for that book and start the wait for them to get it all set up.
  10. Meanwhile, get your sales page and opt-in page set and linked through Clickbank.
  11. Go back and update your A/R series with these links.
  12. Go back and update your Lulu sales page with these links.
  13. Write your online booksellers' sales blurbs for your book - include the mini and full course.
  14. Now start writing blog posts/articles/comments based on these chapters and commentaries.
  15. Put a "Review of..." page on Squidoo with all these links in it.
There - you're on your way to a bestseller.

Now, when these clients of yours have digested that book (and such a fine book and online course you've created, of course), they'll want more - and so your other books also have courses and video snippets, and so on. So you'll be able to cross-sell and upsell them all. And you get their email addresses meanwhile.

So your clientele increases - and your ability to pre-sell your books goes along with them. Of course, you can always re-release your earlier books - either as a new edition or just with the added bonus features of your review and commentary.

Yeah, nice marketing gig, eh? And you love every minute of it, because that's what you love to do for a living - write and talk to people about your ideas, plus how they could use them to improve their lives...

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