Saturday, February 09, 2008

Why this blog is a Long Tail perennial

Essentially, I violate the principles which are derived from the most popular:
  1. My posts are long-winded
  2. I'm not current on controversial subjects
I worked earlier with political posts and such. And I started getting comments - and flaming. If I wanted to be popular, I'd only have to start watching all the keywords which come up on Google trends, then right short posts quickly on what I'd found on each of these. And I'd be busy writing such posts for several hours each day.

But I write about Long Tail subjects (personal development, sustainable agriculture, and website design/SEO). Not as many people follow these as they do politics.

And will politics make me rich or sleep better at night - NOT.

So they can keep their popularity. I'd rather eat better and naturally-grown food, and help others around me to live better lives and profit from their websites.

I have a lot less flaming now... Like none.

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