Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A Practical Plan to Make Money Working From Home

Ok, so that's a kitschey title, all loaded up with overblown keywords, So SU me.

If you're going to make money online, you have to go beyond search engine optimization and create a web 2.0 buzz.

At the same time, you have to plan your work and work your plan. And that last link laid it out for me back in early November last year. Did I follow it? No. Am I rich as a result of not following it? No.

Having a plan and then not working it is a sure route to staying broke.

I've got three main product-lines. Each have their own mail-list and sets of products. My downfall has been the lack of setting up Clickbank so I could deal in just information product downloads and also enable affiliates to pitch my stuff.

Now, since I've been chasing this Web 2.0 dragon with my rusty sword, I've gotten some experience in using Andy Williams SEO Website Builder and seen how easy it now becomes to post mini-webs up for anything you want. (And I definitely have to crack this Affiliate stuff if I'm ever going to get anywhere...)

Back to our main line - I can easily put up websites without having to work at worrying about new pages, links, keywords, no follow dynamic links, etc. Simple FTP, test the links, and I'm done.

OK, now the way you get sales is to find leads and make offers they accept. They exchange their commodity (money) for your info product.

My downfall has been in not making enough offers. I've been wallowing in the luxury of creating great new stuff and researching out how to market it - instead of simply heads-down-bum-up working at the old nose-grindstone. Of course, my day job has now (temporarily) gone tits-up, so I have a definite need to create some cash flow for real. A little late, but here we go...

Simple plans are best. For each product-line:
  1. Send them an offer every week. Means sending them some great data as well as something you already have over in Clickbank. Or posting something there. It now takes me just a few hours to create a product, create a mini-web for that product and post them. Getting the marketing rolling for that specific product takes a bit longer - but only if I want to do a video about it. Budget a 5-hour day for each product line.
  2. Get article marketing going for each product line that week. Builds links, if not page rank. Post at least one article for each product-line at the five or ten main article directories, then spend the rest of the week getting these or other articles out to the other article directories via an automatic poster - background this work.
  3. Take the rest of the week and build up a new product line - for me, that's artwork. This takes more time than building ebooks and posting them. Writing is a lot faster for me than detailed drawing and Photoshop work. But this last one is my real passion. Just working only eats you up - you have to work for something.
  4. Set up a day off - time you can simply work outside or take walks, or read just for recreation. Play pool, or play at the pool.
That's the simplicity of it.

I could sit here and blog all day about it, but let's be real: I need to earn some money this week by helping a few people.

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