Friday, May 02, 2008

Full disclosure and transparency for a visionary

Here's my full disclosure: I'm a recovering Scientologist.

I've often mentioned a "corporate cult" I left - this is it.

Bitter - no, I've gotten over that. Look, if you have a problem with Scientology, take it up with them. Go to their website and comment. Make a video about it and post it to YouTube. Visit the other sites about them and leave your comment there - or join in their forums. Visit their buildings and talk to them. Find out for yourself.

But Scientology doesn't matter.

You see, it took living 20-plus years in that sociological cult to learn what I have. And I've made far, far more gains since I left than I ever did while I was in. Ever.

Because it's a limited theory. Doesn't practically apply to the actual, real world - just the world Hubbard created for those who bought into his ideas.

The trick is that he isn't wrong in what he talks about (except for some errors in details here and there), because the principles underlying what he says and writes are inherently correct.

And when you chase up his back-trail, you find where he cherry-picked the data and then fouled the trail so others wouldn't look there. Fact.

Because there are in fact "many ways up the mountain", as the ancient Japanese said. And the even more ancient Polynesians hold that "no one school has all the teachers."

But, like Nature can grow crops anywhere on this planet if it's not too hot, too cold, too dry, too wet, or too rocky (or poisoned) - there is a single underlying system of thought which can set you free, make you wealthy, give you more free time, improve/repair your relationships, - anything anyone markets.

You could even find that underlying system if you got that list of books in their Qual libraries and studied each one of them (the one of all the references made by Hubbard from his tapes). You just won't get it by listening to Hubbard solely.

Just like you can't get there by only listening to Zig Ziglar, Robert Allen, Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham, or any other of these inspirational greats. And studying only one religion's books will also not particularly get you on the road out (although there have been some saints and mystics who may have).

Because - it's someone else's road. And you have to make your own path. Someone else's path isn't the one you would take. Reason is: we're blessed/cursed with Free Will. So every single person born on this planet is different, ever so slightly, than the one born in the next split-second.

You have to find your own way out. But you're in luck - there are hundreds of thousands of people who are willing to help you find your way. You only have to ask and you'll get help by the dump-truck load - right into your lap.

But don't believe anyone who says they have the only way out, that there is only one trail and all other trails are booby-trapped. Because they are only trying to keep you buying their stuff - literally or figuratively.

Read, study, get all sorts of books both modern and ancient. This is the Internet Age - you can get almost any information you want online and store it on your hard-drive. But don't just read one author - read tons. Listen to recordings. Try out what they say.

You can make it - which is what this evolution thing we've been trying here is all about.

Yes, I've got a lot of books I've republished down that line - and it would be great if you bought these and supported my research. But you can also get those authors for free (even my personally written books are floating around on the Internet if you look closely enough).

The point of this post here is to let you know exactly where I came from and what I've been doing.

And to give you your chance, whether you've ever encountered Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, or not.

Because it's a wonderful world out there, full of hope, promises, joy - just as you create it.

So get your books, tapes, MP3's, videos - and study the hell out of them. Discover that natural system for yourself. And we'll all go free that way.

- - - -

Good Luck - and Good Hunting!

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