Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Legisilators Learn Animal Activists Dead Wrong about Livestock

Found this great video about some local legislators being invited to show 4-H livestock at the county fair.

You'll see here that these radical animal "rights" charlatans have no real clue about what they are talking about. Sure, the isolated few who abuse animals should be found and held accountable. But the rest of us don't need to pay for those.

Anyone can come out to our Worstell Farms (call ahead, please, I still have chores to do...) and see exactly how I treat our cattle. Most of which you can see from the road-side if you look closely and don't just "fly over".

Here's the video:

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Unknown said...

Good video, BUT saying that the animal activists would see things differently is just plain *naive*. The whole idea behind *true believer* "animal rights" is NO use of animals, period. There is no reasoning with them, because in their view, we as humans have no right to use animals--better dead than bred, better dead than in a cage, etc. When the legislators and the American public finally *get it*, the "animal rights" movement will be discredited and rejected as anti-societal, anti-human, and even anti-animal!

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