Wednesday, September 25, 2013

In search of millionaires - it could be you.

The simple math of it says these people choose themselves.

29/52 choice paralysis

If you've followed these writings, you'll note I often use that 97% rule - which is an ever-declining number of people who self-select (by their inaction) a route which will take them to incredible abundance, joy, etc.

Yesterday, while preparing a field for seeding a pasture (a very mundane, tiring, and potentially enlightening job) - I came across a very simple way of expressing this.

Let's use the currently popular 1% phrase. ("1%'ers control everything", etc.)

  • Send out a hypothetical ecourse offering in an email - course able to make anyone outrageously rich.
  • 1 in a hundred out of a mass-mailing will open that email. (It's higher than this, but not by much.)
  • 1 out of a hundred of those will sign up for that course (1 in 1,000)
  • I out of a hundred of those will complete that course (1 in 10,000)
  • I out of a hundred of those will earn their entrance fee back (1 in 100,000)
  • I out of a hundred of those will become fantastically, incredibly rich (in in 1,000,000).

Those people are a member of an elite group who could be called "millionaires"

This simplifies the numbers incredibly, as the average is between 1 and 5%, owing to various factors, and settles around 2 1/2 to 3%.

One of my goals is to make a million millionaires. Because it has a ring to it - and if we practically created that many people who were able to manifest their native abundance at will, then we'd achieve world peace. (Not that some extremists wouldn't keep trying to kill themselves off - the same laws say that the reverse is true for people who worship destruction.) The bulk of humanity (as is the current norm) would not have to live in stressful situations, but could be as rich as they wanted to let show.

Overall, the world would run better, with less starvation (as more people were "taught to fish") and there will be a much higher number of optimal solutions being offered.

The punch line to this - is that you could be a "millionaire." It's your choice.

Buy one of my books, read it, apply it. Then get the related ones which appeal to you - read them, apply them. They all lead to your personal freedom. (Of course, the one-shot wonder is "Freedom Is - period", but "Get Your Self Scam Free" will also do it - as well as the "Online Millionaire Series."

Not tooting my horn, but if you've been following this blog right along, you'll already see how your millionaire status is right around the corner - if you keep walking...
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