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Huna and Self Suggestion – Max Freedom Long

Huna and Self Suggestion - Max Freedom Long

How to Use Huna and Affirmations to Supercharge Your Life and Living

Using self-suggestion is a simple process which may be divided into three steps:

First, quite naturally, one must decide what is to be suggested to the low self by the middle self – to the subconscious by the conscious mind self.

Second, one relaxes the body, stills the trains of thought that may be running through the mind, and, when the low self is in this way made ready to accept suggestion, the third step is taken.

This third step is to give the suggestion to the low self either aloud or silently.

One may succeed in getting some response from the low self on the very first attempt to use self-suggestion, but usually it takes a little period of practice before one gets a full and swift response.

Now let us elaborate and detail the steps. It is best to begin with something very simple and easy. If the ultimate goal is a hard one like breaking a habit such as that of smoking or overeating, it is best to wait until the low self has been taught by easy stages to accept suggestion on lesser things, and has, become accustomed to react properly to bring about little changes. One learns to crawl, then to walk, and then to run. An attempt to reverse the process and start with the running cannot help but be a waste of time.

(From Chapter 4)

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