Friday, July 14, 2017

Mental Chemistry – Secrets to the Law of Attraction

Mental Chemistry - Secrets to the Law of AttractionYOU MAY BE FAMILIAR with Haanel from his bestselling “Master Key System”. He and his bestseller were featured in “The Secret” DVD – and for good reason.

10 years after he achieved quiet fame with his first book, Haanel authored this classic which explains the earlier treatise in simpler terms.

With “Mental Chemistry”, he gives more detail and application to the Law of Attraction than in his earlier work. In 19 short chapters, he covers about every applicable aspect of human existence – and this nearly a century ago.

You will find answers to questions which have been known – but remain a secret to all but a few.

The use of Haanel is then to get a complete understanding of the underpinning logic to the Law of Attraction – to find out why and how it works. Once you understand this, you are able to apply this Law more easily and regularly to recreate the world around you.

And that is the object of this series. You deserve to have all the tools you can at your disposal in creating your life.

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