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The Master Key to Riches – A Sequel to Think and Grow Rich

The Master Key to Riches - A Sequel to Think and Grow RichLearn Simple, Easy Secrets of How to Get Rich

This book is the sequel to Think and Grow Rich.

This book was 40 years in the making, and went through two bestselling versions. But it doesn’t replace Hill’s earlier material.

It is just a simpler guide to explain how to more easily and quickly apply Hill’s bestselling books to your life.

A Lifetime of Study Condensed and Clarified

In 1908, Andrew Carnegie challenged Hill to discover and publish the practical Philosophy of Achievement that Carnegie knew existed, but had never been assembled.

Published in 1928, Law of Success distilled Hill’s interviews with over 500 “movers and shakers” of his day into a 16-volume course that became an overnight bestseller. It was published almost exactly 20 years after that Carnegie interview.

In 1937, he revised that original massive work into a single volume, Think and Grow Rich, edited into the language of that day. Its purpose was to help the nation heal after the Depression and shake off the Fear of Poverty.

After eight years, Hill again revised and simplified that philosophy. He studied and edited based on reader input, plus his own life experiences to come out with the sequel, The Master Key to Riches, in 1945.

Easier Reading, This Explains and Expands the Basics

It seems to take Think And Grow Rich to a new level. The book is the easiest to read of all three and could be used as an introduction to their study.

But this book doesn’t replace his earlier bestsellers. It clarifies them and allows you to clear up how to apply the Philosophy of Achievement to your own life.

What Hill has done is to distill and publish that philosophy into a simple book you can easily apply. This follows in his popular writing style that has kept each of these as top selling classics, now over 100 years after Carnegie’s request.

  • The 13 points have been expanded to 17. These are revised to be simpler, easier to understand and apply.
  • Our modern emphasis on habit changing is validated with an entire chapter on this. Hill aligns this with self discipline as the needful steps to take to make rapid improvement in anyone’s life.
  • The emphasis in chapter two is to clarify what you consider “Getting Rich” is to you. You can then set your goals and achieve them more rapidly.
  • Obviously the advice given in this book will be of absolutely no value unless applied step by step. Take the necessary steps and you will see a great change in your life.

Whether or not you will become financially wealthy–who knows. One thing for certain, you’ll be better off than if you never took the steps outlined. You do have to work hard at the practices in it though. We all know that nothing comes easy.

Use This Book as A Study Guide to Hill’s Works

Practically, this should be the first of Hill’s books you should read. If you’ve already read Think and Grow Rich, this will give you greater understanding and application when you restudy it. Then go and pick up Law of Success and understand it at the graduate level.

By the time you complete your studies, the world will be open to you. You’ll know the principles and laws which have made people successful all through both ancient and modern history. You’ll see that where people missed just a few of these principles, they set their own ultimate failure.

You will have them all, at this point. If you work out how to keep them in mind (like regular re-reading and study) then you’ll be able to set and keep a constant successful course through the rest of your life.

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