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Prosperity – Secrets to the Law of Attraction by Charles Fillmore

Prosperity - Secrets to the Law of Attraction by Charles FillmoreHow to regain your health, create your fortune, and help a lot of people succeed.

For those of us who would like to know more about the Law of Attraction and its many applications—

Charles Fillmore regained his health, started a publishing house and his own radio station – then went on to buy a 1400 acre estate where he built a church which has possibly the largest Christian congregation in the world. All from attending one lecture.

Yes, there was a lot of hard work, but wouldn’t you like to know his secrets for prosperity and success?

Secrets to the Law of Attraction also move in “mysterious ways.”

Charles Fillmore’s life is truly a success story for those who wish to follow that “voice within” and achieve their dreams.

He and his wife healed themselves of their physical ailments through New Thought teachings. Intrigued by these new teachings, Charles soon began to form his vision of what he would accomplish. While he first formed a prayer group, he soon began publishing and quickly owned his own publishing house.

While he published many authors through his magazines, his “Daily Word” is still one of the highest circulation magazines today. He founded the Unity School of Christianity, which has one of the largest congregations worldwide.

His understanding of the Law of Attraction was definite and precise:

“There is a definite and intimate relation between what we call Truth and this universal substance of Being. When the one Mind is called into action in your mind by your thinking about it, it lays hold of the substance by the law of attraction or sympathy of thought. … If you know how to take hold of the universal substance and mold it to your uses, you will be prosperous.”

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