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The Prosperity Secret of the Ages by Catherine Ponder

The Prosperity Secret of the Ages by Catherine PonderYou Can Have Everything!

You can have everything if you know the power that is within you and then dare to use it!

You have always used this power in some degree—often for failure. Now you can begin deliberately to release it for success; that is, for experiencing greater results of health, happiness and prosperity in your world.

Your success power is released through your mental attitudes and your emotional reactions toward life. What you think, that you become. Think straight and life becomes straight for you. It’s as simple as that.

It Happened to Me

Let me tell you how I learned of this inner power for success. All my life I had attended church. In fact, every generation of our family has produced ministers; it’s a family tradition. But I had never connected religion with the word “success.”

Then one day, as a minimal-wage secretary, the “going got rough.”

Having been widowed and left with a young son to rear and support, I seemed to have nothing to look forward to but a life of struggle. My earning power seemed wholly inadequate for taking care of our current needs, much less our growing future needs. Ill health plagued me, too, as it had since childhood. Life hardly seemed worth the effort it was forcing me to make just to survive.

It was then that I began searching for a better way of life. The first ray of hope came when I began seriously reading the non-denominational Unity magazine on practical Christianity, which my parents had subscribed to for many years. An electrical engineer, who came to inspect the electrical plant where my father worked, had given my parents their first copy of this magazine and had spoken of its success power. Over and over the messages in that little magazine explained to me the power of thought as an instrument of success or failure, giving Bible examples to prove it.

Having nothing to lose by experimenting with these simple ideas, I began deliberately “thinking straight,” in an effort to make my life straight. It worked!

Pay raises and improved working conditions came in my secretarial job, without struggle or strain on my part. My chronic bad health gradually began to improve. One health problem of many years’ standing began to clear up and finally disappeared completely, though our family doctor had long insisted that only major surgery would be the final answer. With these and other improved conditions that appeared, a better way of life became a reality for me.

The more I deliberately began to “think straight,” the more fascinated I became with the success power I was releasing from within my own being. Soon, an undreamed talent for writing began to flow forth, and I began sharing my success experiences with readers all over the world.

Amazing Results of Success Attitudes

A business executive was named assistant to the president of his company, and was able to realize long-desired prosperity for paying off a mortgage and bank note. He also experienced improved health and greater happiness in his home life—after he used success attitudes.

A teenager had been overweight since birth. The diagnosis had been “gland trouble—no cure.” Diets had not worked. Through success attitudes alone, this young man lost 17 pounds in three months!

A young couple who had tried unsuccessfully for a number of years to adopt a child were able to quickly after employing success attitudes.

A television actress landed a job on a popular network program She was able to accomplish this after a friend, who was a musician, joined her in using success attitudes.

Along with using success attitudes for your own increased health, wealth and happiness, it is good to know that your success attitudes can and do help others.

The specific success attitudes used by all these people and many more will be shared with you in the pages of this book.

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