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Mystic Marketing Guide – Dr. Robert C. Worstell

Mystic Marketing Guide - Dr. Robert C. WorstellMystic Marketing Secrets Only They Knew – but were put in writing over a hundred years ago

What you are about to experience from reading this book is amazing, but more so that some of these books have been around nearly one hundred years – and some more. If you wanted to, you could research where they got their data and trace this back to Plato, Egyptian philosophers and even earlier to the ancient philosophies which only survived through verbal tradition on remote Polynesian islands.

What you won’t see from these authors are the latest gimmicks in marketing or sales – go pick up the thousands of books out there if you want that type of stuff.

The authors included here tell, each in their own way, how to market using your native abilities and talents – and needing no more than that.

There is a single underlying system to all these authors, to how this Universe runs and operates. You can call it different names, and use all sort of techniques or incantations to master it. But it doesn’t matter if you study Jesus or Buddha or Mohammad – or none of these. Because if you compare what all these prophets and sages talked about, and what their followers wrote, you’ll still come to the same basic principles and laws.

This doesn’t replace the physical work you still have to do in order to market. What this does is to head you off in the right direction for you and your products – something that you get to choose for yourself. And you’ll find that this makes the mailings, the phone calls, the emails you send out will be far more effective – and even surprising in their results if you apply what you read here.

Why should you Mystic Market? Because you can have and have earned a more prosperous life for yourself. There is practically no limit to what you can achieve and acquire with these “mystic” methods.

Most of us have been trained and indoctrinated into ONLY doing the very practical and applied efforts to get our dreams achieved. For most of us, this means working at a factory, warehouse, or cubicle job where you give up a bit of yourself each day in order to receive that paycheck at the end of each week. Some of us take this further and have “moonlight” jobs either at night or on the weekend to get that extra money to succeed with. Most families now have three jobs between the two spouses, giving up time with their growing children to chase their dream using conventional methods.

The trick is to work smarter, not harder. You can make a lot more money, and get a lot more done in less time if you choose to utilize your native talents and abilities.

And that is why this book was compiled and printed for you to find.

– – – –

MYSTIC MARKETING SECRETS you’ve never heard before!

There are age-old tricks to this trade which modern marketing “experts” have missed. Because they weren’t mystics!

You can find out:

– How to reach prospects both distant and nearby

– Give your sales pitch in a way they really get it

– Find prospects through your spiritual contacts

– Know for certain you can attain your goals

The trick is to work smarter, not harder. You can make a lot more money, and get a lot more done in less time if you choose to utilize your native talents and abilities.

Warning: This book contains controversial techniques never before revealed – but known to mystics and sages throughout history.

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