Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Obvious Adams – Robert R. Updegraff

Obvious Adams - Robert R. UpdegraffThe Story of a Successful Marketer – Obvious Adams

Have you ever been struck by the painfully obvious?

What passes for advertising these days seems to have forgotten what people are actually looking for.

But it’s right in front of their (and your) nose.

The stories in this book were written apparently to tweak the noses of marketing as it existed in the early 1900’s – but still has lessons all of use can learn from today.

There are good reasons why people spend time and money avoiding all or most ads they see. Most of this has to do with being forced to have their lives interrupted by people who just want their money.

The days of using a simple formula to “rake in millions” are over – if they ever existed.

Get Your Copy Now – and follow someone who simply saw things as they were…

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