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Freed – New Fiction Writing Anthology by S. H. Marpel

Freed - New Fiction Writing Anthology by S. H. MarpelFour women, with unique super-abilities – who each could save or destroy humankind.

Each came to this planet for their own reasons, deeply flawed. Victims of time and circumstance.

Any one of these, just by themselves, could end all life on this planet in a heartbeat.

Why would anyone want to assemble a team of feminine time bombs?

Maybe to get them to save their own lives…

(Contains the complete 4-part anthology.)

Freed – New Fiction Writing Anthology by S. H. Marpel


I looked at Gaia worried face, and then to Hami’s. “Would it do any good to see the crater where it happened?”

Gaia shook her head “no”. “If you consider this table the crater…” She places the salt and pepper shakers near the center, and a paper napkin dispenser to one side, half way to the table edge. “Tess and Silvie were in the middle, Star was up on the side.” She tipped the pieces on their sides to show roughly how the girl’s bodies were laying. The salt and pepper shakers were laying at right angles to each other.

“And Star was face down?”

“Yes, and her head was toward the edge of the crater.”

I considered this. “So their burns weren’t necessarily from Star.”

“Unless she burned them first and then was moving away.”

“…and went unconscious afterward, like she collapsed when we found her.”

Hami put her hand on top of mine. She knew how much I was taking this personally, by how I was forcing myself to study the “crime scene”.

Gaia looked over the positioning again. “But we didn’t see tracks behind her, and the radiation wasn’t any higher than normal. If it had been, Jean and I would have drenched that place in water to cool it off, like last time.”

“That clothing they all wore was nearly tear-proof. The tessies made it, and it’s more like a woven steel that a bullet couldn’t even get through. Yet their clothing was ripped on all of them. The only thing that could do that would be the tessies themselves.”

Gaia raised an eyebrow at that.”But aren’t they friendly to Tess? Like almost part of her? Her clothing shouldn’t have been torn.”

“And as well, I’ve seen Silvie’s fireballs dissolve a thick, braided cord of that stuff. If Star had gone ‘nova’ on them, it would have melted that side of their clothing.”

Rochelle scooted her chair closer to mine, and put her arm around the back of it. “Not exactly a locked-door mystery, but close.”

I nodded. “All this points to someone else being present and causing this somehow.”

The screen door swung open at that, and we all heard some soft feet pad in on the tongue-and-groove wood floor.

A green hood of her insulated jacket covered straight strawberry-blond hair, parted in the middle. That all framed a pair of light green eyes, a petite nose, and full rose-red lips.

Her soft-soled, brown leather boots climbed up her legs to disappear beneath the bottom edge of the long, quilted jacket.

Her look was serious, but calm as she took in the three of us.

“That someone else – would be me.”

(Contains the complete 4-part anthology.)

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