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Hermione Anthology – S. H. Marpel Speculative Fiction

Hermione Anthology - S. H. Marpel Speculative Fiction

Four books collected into this Anthology featuring:

– Hermione

– When Cats Ruled

– A Case of Lost Time

– Enemies & Bookends

– – – –


When a goddess is almost killed by bleeding out – it’s serious.

Good thing they got to me in time, while I was still a cat.

Now my shape-shifting was on hold until I healed.

For the last few centuries or so, I’d been happy as a library cat. But then I got bored, and started helping out with simple missions.

Because of that ambush, I was stuck in a human-shape. At least I wasn’t dead.

But I’d never be able to shift back to my native form without crippling pains up that arm – until I could understand how humans loved – the subject that always left scholars of the ages mystified.

Easy-peasy – for a goddess. …Maybe.

When Cats Ruled:

Two scientists broke time – trying to travel in it. 

If they weren’t so cute, I don’t think I’d be as forgiving.

Still, they have no clue what they just invented.

In these days of overnight express delivery, they could make a fortune. And the same device could deliver ticking bombs to any government building or office building anywhere. Instantaneously.

You’d think these scientists would have learned something after the Manhattan Project. And Nagasaki. And the Twin Towers.

Nope. All these two young knuckleheads were trying to do was to prove the impossible was possible – and get some more funding to do it.

I just can’t tell them that what they were doing was the worst thing in history, I’d have to show them. Or they’d never believe me.

And that’s when it really got involved – and personally dangerous.

A Case of Lost Time:

My true love got us trapped here with my own time machine.

Not really her fault – or I hoped, anyway.

You see, she’s brilliant, powerful – and a shapeshifting cat who rules Ancient Egypt.

That last part doesn’t bother me, as long as she’s human at least part of the time. Otherwise, royal consorts have some benefits, too.

She brought me here with my own machine. And then it disappeared. Stolen. And now we’re marooned. But that doesn’t matter. Because even if none of my science background helps me, my heart just melts anytime she talks to me.

But if we’re going to get back, we’re going to have to do it soon – or I’ll be stuck with her here for the rest of my life.

While she lives on forever. Like she did before.

Enemies & Bookends:

It was either leave these four trapped in ancient times, or risk their lives to save our world in the present.

Helluva choice.

It they died, we’d all be dead soon after.

If we tried anything without them, we’d die just a little later – but still dead.

Because evil doesn’t take opposition lightly – unless it’s overwhelming. And even then, they still put up a good fight.

So: fight and live, or fight and die.

Our secret weapon was among those trapped in time. Something we didn’t know about.

Then or now.

– – – –

Also included: A comprehensive “Book Universes Notes” with a character list, linked book references from the earlier series, and point out (some) easter eggs…

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