Tuesday, October 08, 2019

A Short Story Reader’s Bookshelf – by Marpel, Kruze, et al.

A Short Story Reader's BookshelfA massive collection of quick escapes into alternate universes where you can live through the eyes of everyday people finding themselves in fantastic adventures.

Mysteries, Romances, Fantasies, and Science Fiction – all sorts of speculative fiction beyond the ordinary and humdrum.

But why devote weeks to reading a huge novel, when you can escape in the few minutes you have and be back before anyone notices you were gone?

That’s the great advantage of having short stories that are simple to get into and easy to return from. Commutes, breaks, down-time – all the times you’re otherwise bored to tears. You could simply be enjoying solving a mystery, endulging in a light romance, living an adventure in deep space – or right down the block.

Why not – after all? If you carry a smartphone around with you, then you can carry this 700+ page book for just for those occasions.

Stuck in a layover with a few hours to kill? Read on and on and on. And in between stories, you can check in with reality for awhile and see if you can fit in just one more story before you have to board…

An incredible investment. Because all these stories read differently every time you do. This one book has enough stories to entertain, educate, and inspire you – so you might not have to buy another book this year…

This anthology from four up-and-coming authors was built from their original standalone stories. (And if you like them, there’s more where that came from…)

This Anthology contains:

  • A Mystery Reader
  • An SF/Fantasy Reader
  • A Romance Reader
  • A Writer’s Reader
  • A Humor Reader
  • A Mind’s Eye Reader

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