Tuesday, June 16, 2020

The Projector

The Projector - Speculative Fiction - J. R. Kruze, R. L. SaundersWhen the Medicine Show rolled into town, she had to see for herself.

Because there was nothing else to lose, she thought.

The rumors flew, of course. But what did they know? They always depended on what others told them. They ran in the same crowd, dressed to the same fads, went to the same dances, knew all the latest moves…

She liked books. Because they took her other places and times. Let her dress is exotic clothes. Explore feelings that no kin or friends could ever begin to understand.

We already had a movie house, and the school put on summer plays. And there were football games. So why did they come – it sure wasn’t to make money hand-over-fist…

But the lines of people formed and stayed all day, waiting for their chance to get their showing. Waiting in the heat of summer.

And the people came out mostly the same, but different somehow. They all said they saw something different inside. Some were upset, some were delighted, lovers were more in love – or detested each other.

It looked like something she wasn’t going to find in books.

So she got a ticket and waited her turn in line…

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