Saturday, August 15, 2020

The Eye In Team

The Eye In TeamThe black SUV’s roared around them to a stop, boxing them in.

The only choice was to comply.

The family’s classic pickup truck and it’s older camping trailer eased to a full stop on that small-town main street.

“I thought we were done with these guys, Rosa.”

“Must be a new department that didn’t get the memo.”

With black suits from each SUV pointing various weapons over the tops of their vehicles at the pickup cab, the couple sat with raised, empty hands to get them in view of the agents.

Their boy sitting between them didn’t move, but smiled slightly and closed his eyes.

Almost synchronized, the agents all holstered their weapons and returned to their vehicles. Then sped off in a single line, only to stop less than a block away with screeching tires – and climbed out to raid a donut shop on the corner.

“I hope the guy running that store doesn’t get hurt.” The mother commented.

Her boy replied. “He won’t. They are all going to buy him out as an apology.”

From where they sat in their pickup, they could see the agents each carrying big boxes of donuts back to their SUVs.

While his parents looked at him with raised eyebrows, the child only smiled wider…


“It’s been such a long time, Rosa. How are the rest of your kids?” Brigitte was busy getting dishes, mugs, cookies, coffee, and tea out for everyone, according to their preferences.

“They are all married and having our grandkids. Happy, healthy, and infrequent guests, which I love – of course.”

“Who doesn’t? Especially grandmothers. Ours often just telepath in with full video, but that’s never the same as holding someone in your arms.”

Rosa nodded in agreement. Josh and Joe smiled as they sipped their coffees. Augie nibbled at his cookie, taking this all in.

Joe looked directly at Josh. “I trust everything is all right – weren’t you going toward the Mounds?”

Josh frowned. “Yes, we were – until we got stopped by some agents.”

“Agents? I thought there was an agreement?”

“We didn’t have time to figure out who they were – they never got their badges out. Dark suits, black SUV’s, reflective sun glasses.”

“Then they all left.” Rosa added.

“Just left?” Brigitte wondered.

“To get donuts down the street. That was Augie’s idea.”

Brigitte nodded to Joe, and got up to clear off the empty plates for later washing. “As much as I’d like to hear about all this, I’m sure I will later. Josh, Rosa, let me show you our summer wild flowers and you can fill me in on all your progress – as well as your grandchildren.”

The other three adults left Joe and Augie with the cookie plate, a coffee mug for Joe and iced tea for Augie.

“Brigitte thought you’d like to tell me yourself, without all the raised eyebrows, frowns, smiles, and whatnot.” Joe explained.

“You love her a lot, don’t you?” Augie smiled.

“More than the sunrise or sunset.”

“Figures. You’re both into each others minds a lot.”

“Sure, why not? Your family does too, right?”

“Mostly. Except when we have normal visitors – and they make me practice talking before any come over so its smoother for me.”

“But you get most from reading their eyes.”

“Only I have to not let them know when I know more than they think I can.”

Joe nodded. “Practice being polite is useful in mixed company. And what subjects not to bring up.”

Augie smiled, and Joe saw some memories that the boy thought were funny, which made the two of them chuckle.

“OK, Augie, what’s the reason you’re here for?”


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